Our Vision

“Can you sleep at night?”

At B&I Advisors, our mission is to create an environment in which each client can answer “yes.”   We take pride on being the primary source of trusted advice and respected expertise for all of our clients’ financial decisions.


The B&I Philosophy

Balance & Integrity  

Our relationship with our clients is an ongoing conversation; we work to strike an appropriate balance between your needs today versus your dreams tomorrow.  Only after careful evaluation of your needs, do we craft an investment plan.

Integrity is the centerpiece of our client relationships.  We work hard to earn the trust of our clients.  If we would not accept a decision for ourselves, we will not undertake it for a client.  Every decision is made with your best interests at heart.


Investment Philosophy 

A Calming Hand at the Helm

Designing and monitoring an investment portfolio is a unique blend of art and science, and we pride ourselves on building portfolios backed by academic research while still staying on top of current market trends.  We utilize both active and passive mutual strategies to develop a personalized asset allocation that reflects your investment objectives, and then we monitor changes in the portfolio to ensure it remains in sync with your needs. 

Renowned investor Benjamin Graham once commented that, “In the short run the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a weighing machine.”  We believe investment returns are most predictable by accurately gauging a security’s “weight,” which the market may or may not appreciate in the short term.  Our asset allocation calls are made with a 3-5 year timeline in mind, seeking to capitalize on longer term trends that develop in the market.

Changes in the investment portfolio are precipitated by one of four factors:

1.       Normal market movement has caused the asset allocation to shift enough that rebalancing is required to restore the portfolio to our desired allocation targets.

2.       Market conditions have caused our investment outlook to change, requiring portfolio shifts to reflect the new allocation targets.

3.       A change in your personal situation that impacts your investment goals and/or risk tolerance enough to require a new target portfolio.

4.       A liquidity event that prompts portfolio changes to incorporate the addition/withdrawal of funds in the short-term.

The advantage of a clearly outlined plan implemented by experienced advisors is that achieving your goals should require nothing more than discipline and a commitment to see the plan through.  We seek to provide a calming hand through any market environment, to have planned well in advance for any needs that arise and to help you remain focused on the fact that your longer-term objectives remain very much in reach.  That sense of trust, that comforting knowledge that we are watching out for you, is just one more way we seek to earn that enthusiastic “Yes!” to our #1 question of “Can you sleep at night?”